The IVANYŽ Block
An innovation in concrete masonry
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The IVANYŽ Block system eliminates:

  • Forming and stripping (costs you can forget about)
  • Skeletal framework (unnecessary)
  • Tying of horizontal to vertical steel (the IVANY Block system configuration ensures proper placement; lapping per ACI Code is all that is required)
  • Coordination of trades (bricklayers lay the block, place the steel, and pour the concrete in one continuous process; that means no jurisdictional disputes)
  • Formed bond beams, columns and lintels (the IVANY Block system does it all)
  • Filling snap tie holes and group rubdowns (a finished masonry wall is a key feature)



Thousands of projects throughout the country, from mini-warehouses to towering high-rises, attest to the performance and economy of the IVANY Block system.

Lower initial costs...

Faster completion...

Earlier occupancy...

Less loan interests to pay.

Using the IVANY Block provides the best rate of return on your investment!


The IVANY Block System offers the performance of cast-in-place concrete at a significantly lower cost.

Design parameters of the block, the concrete and the reinforcing steel can be specified to meet exact demands.

The IVANY Block system is ideal for nearly every type of structure:public buildings, manufacturing plants, warehouses, hotels, office buildings, multi-family housing, banks, hospitals, schools, universities, and even large residences.